Dave’s Top 5 Breakout Players for 2016

It feels like Christmas eve.

Fantaseh has announced they will be back for the 2016 season, training camps open this weekend and all is well in life again.

You’ve been hypothesizing, picking the brains of beat writers and making your own bold predictions. Well, the time is now to harpoon your friends in the junk by grabbing the favorite fantasy “sleeper.”

This is to wet your whistle. We released a CFL Fantasy Prep Guide in 2015, but our guide this year with blow it out of the water. 30 pages, in depth profiles with projections and everything to stroke your fantasy libido.

So without further adieu, here are our top 5 fantasy breakout players for 2016.

5) Tyree Hollins – DB, Saskatchewan Roughriders

It’s a stretch, but we’d go as far as saying he was the lone bright spot in a Saskatchewan defense that would let a junior high marching band through if the game was on the line. He flew around the field making tackles and reading the QB’s eyes. Well, now he’s in a completely revamped defense.
THE BALD TRUTH: The Riders secondary will be pick-happy this season. And we see Hollins as one of the guys leading the charge.

4) Mike Daly – S, Hamilton Tiger Cats

He is currently penciled in as the starter in that fierce Ticats defense, due to the season-ending knee injury to Craig Butler. Daly came on last year in relief for a couple of games, and showed he’s not afraid to attack the rock. We remember watching him, and he’s a baller. Butler was a favorite pick of many Saskatchewan fans because of his roots, and his passport. But Daly should be a favorite of yours because of his will to take the ball away. And of course, his passport.
THE BALD TRUTH: You will be able to pick him in a late round, unless your friends have done their homework. You won’t be sorry.

3) Deon Lacey – LB, Edmonton Eskimos

Hands down the best special teams player in the CFL last season. Fantasy owners drafted him in 2015 and were unimpressed by his lack of regular defensive reps. He’s a mouth piece, and loves getting into the head of opposing QB’s (flip a coin on which one. See what we did there). Plain and simple, he talks smack and he can back it up. He’ll also fill in the hole that Dexter McCoil left on his departure to the NFL’s San Diego Chargers.
THE BALD TRUTH: Remember what he did? If not, ask your fantasy team. INT’s and big money stats.

2) Kamar Jorden – SB, Calgary Stampeders

First there was Jeff Fuller. Then there was Eric Rodgers. Third time’s a charm. Here is your new stud in town, football fans. You’re looking at the guy who will lead the team in receiving yards this year. None other than Kamar Jorden. We don’t want to brag. But you can search Kamar Jorden on Twitter, and anything dating back longer than 6 months will come from one of our Hosts. We saw this guy nearly two years ago and almost jumped for joy. If he hadn’t battled injury last year, he would have stolen someone’s job, hands down.
THE BALD TRUTH: Scott Mitchell from the Calgary Sun tweeted today that he’s listed as the starting Slotback ahead of Bakari Grant. He’s also playing Eric Rodgers’ old position. Cha-ching!

1) Mitchell White – DB, Montreal Alouettes

That Montreal secondary is laced with guys who love to go after the ball. Frankly, their whole defense is. And it seems like they have been for years. He’s got a great crew around him of Dom Ellis, Billy Parker and the like. However, Jerald Brown is gone. Regardless, White is relentless. If he slips on a play, he’s got the desire to fight back and pick the ball right out from under your nose when you think you’re in the clear.
THE BALD TRUTH: By the end of the season, he’ll be right up there in every defensive stat category.

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