“That Guy”

**Our Fantasy Podcast Episode 2 will be out later today**

Training camp is a few short days away. We’ve already been receiving a bunch of messages and questions about strategy regarding your drafts. How to build a great team, when will the guide be out etc etc. They 2016 Fantasy guide will be out within a week.

We are happy to field all of your questions. Send them our way, and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner. We have many loyal listeners, subscribers and people who always challenge our research and opinions. Have at ‘er.

I guess its like anything in life, really.

For every great customer in line at the Tim Horton’s, there’s “that guy” who feels like he was somehow wronged having to wait 2 minutes for his large half mocha/half caf/non fat/half dairy/half water/half hot water/half lid/half cup/no cup java Pepsi coffee. Psst. Wrong coffee shop, buddy. Oh, and nice hat/shoes.

So with that being said, we. I (Dave) would like to start a daily series on “That Guy.” We’ve all had them in our fantasy league. If you haven’t, then you’re probably him/her.

Plain and simple, we don’t want you to just win your fantasy leagues. We want you to destroy your friends so bad, they will stop talking to you for years because of it. Future blog posts will be about sleepers, players to avoid, battles to watch in camp. In the meantime, the first installment.

The first type of “That Guy:”


Ooh this is a fun one. This is the person who if your drafts are done via Skype, you mute your speaker and scream out in laughter while they pick. They are always so impressed by how everyone is paying so much attention when they’re on the clock. Its always so quiet.

Nope. Newsflash. Everyone is making fun of you on mute while you pick Nik Lewis 3rd overall because you’ve heard of him before.

No disrespect to our friend, Nik. Who by the way, if you ever have a chance to meet him in person? One of the nicest athletes you will ever talk to. Rabbit trail…..

Do your homework. This “that guy” is an easy target, and there are lots of them out there.

So. We will bring your name into the forefront for a second, Riders fans. You have the largest fan base in the CFL. But, we’ve all played against someone in fantasy football who is a loyal Riders fan. Or for that matter, insert any team. How do you know? When they pick Darian Durant first overall. And by round 7, they’re now down to the Saskatchewan back up kicker. DOH!

Trust me. This “That guy” is fun to have in your league. Because you can pick up the latest player from their favorite team, and dangle them as trade bait for any up and coming fantasy stud. They’re easy to beat, because they never plan for a bye week. And they will also take a Chad Owens for Bo Levi Mitchell in a 1 for 1 deal, because they still think Owens is a 1k yard receiver. He may have the potential, but that’s no longer his role in any offense.

So if you’re this version of “That guy” in your league, please educate yourself. We love to beat up on you and profusely laugh at you during drafts. But, truth be told, we secretly want you to be good. We actually do. It makes fantasy leagues much more fun if you know what you’re doing.

More than anything, self awareness is the first step. So, there’s no shame in admitting it. Stand up and raise your hand if you’re this “that guy.”

Then after that, send us an email or tweet. We’ll come along side you, and help you absolutely obliterate your friends in your draft. They won’t even see it coming.

Questions or comments? Follow me on Twitter @davedawson7 or @CFLFantasyFTB

Send me an email at Onsidepodcast@gmail.com

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