“That Guy” Part 2


24 hours later, I feel like we were a little hard on the “only picks players due to name recognition” person. They aren’t THAT annoying, they are just fun to beat. But, they are still a “That Guy.”

Today’s version of “That Guy” is one that anyone who has every done a fantasy draft in any sport, in the history of fantasy drafts, absolutely despises. You may have stopped speaking to a friend over this, too. They say you only know a person once his integrity is tested. Well, in the world of sports you only know a friend when they are in your fantasy draft!

Alas, the second version of “That Guy:”


We all get excited about things in life. We get excited about fantasy sports. The idea of being in a fantasy sports league is awesome, right? Hanging out with the crew, doing the draft, maybe having a few beers. All good times. Heck, I even have a buddy who 100 percent admits he’d rather just do the draft day experience and skip the day to day maintenance. Which, today’s “That Guy” is NOT the kind of guy I’m talking about. This buddy is totally self aware that he’s all about the draft day, and nothing more.

You (That Guy) are the one that gets all jacked up, does the draft. Then for whatever reason, forgets that you need to log in once a week and dress players. Once a week. Leaves injured players on their roster, never checks alerts for trades and always gets beat by 100 points. But you just can’t kick them out of your league because they’re part of the clan.

Maybe you’ve had this happen before. They suddenly start to care again by about week 12, and they miraculously are still in a playoff spot. So they makes a few moves, then wins the league. #FacePalm

On the outside, its hilarious. But if you have them in your league, its annoying to see them with Travis Lulay as a starting QB for two years. Dude, just log in please. That’s all we ask. Once a week, make some moves. You don’t need to give over ownership of your team because you’re too busy with your family. You spend just as much time on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or watching Youtube. It takes two minutes.

So if you’re that guy, don’t be that guy. If you know a that guy, call for an intervention. Or, send them our way. Heck, maybe come our way on your own admission and then play possum. Make everyone think you don’t care, then when they don’t expect it……you destroy them and #WinYourLeague

Afterall, its really about sticking it to your friends, is it not?

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