Why Fantasy Football?


Its a question that need not be asked, really. Almost in the “duh” category, right?

Everyone plays fantasy sports in the world, today. Heck, people even make pools about when the first offside will be in the Super Bowl. We are a society so bent on predicting and controlling the future. Everyone plays NFL fantasy, NHL, MLB.

So, why not CFL?

That’s a question that, I’m glad is finally being answered. The Canadian Football League has heard the cries of the faithful, and will be spending more time on their product in 2016. The dialogue we’ve had from our sources suggest it will be a similar format to last year’s, with the intent being to reach out to the younger demographic. Their staff are very passionate about attracting new fans, a so we’ll see what the new product looks like.  Anyone who’s been around the CFL long enough could see that eventually, a change needed to be made to broaden their horizons. Its no surprise.

Don’t we love surprises? We welcome a surprise performance by our normal “par for the course” performers. Or a surprising interception by the QB you are matched up against, which allows you to win your weekly matchup. So after years of playing fantasy sports, and years immersed in this game we all love called the Canadian Football League. Aside from surprises, I’ve come up with a 3 reasons why we play fantasy football:

  1. We love to be right

Speaking from the perspective of a guy (I’m a guy, and have been my whole life. I’ve never been a woman before) we love to be right. I’m sure its the same for women, but again, I’m a dude. So speaking from experience, when we get the opportunity to go “SEE! I TOLD YOU SO!” we are almost on cloud 9. We beat our chests and celebrate. Likewise, fantasy football gives you the same opportunity. When you watch your friends year after year draft Chad Owens in the first round, and you shake your head. He has his annual injury, and you’re left going “I told you so.” Again, no disrespect to the flyin’ Hawaiian. He’s a physical athlete, and puts his body in situations to receive high impact hits. He’s also not in a position in any offense to put up the same numbers he did 5 years ago. But when those moments do happen, you feel awesome. Lets get real for a second. No one can 100 percent predict the future. But our staff are firm believers in the fact that: if you do enough research, watch enough film, and have the secret ingredient? You’ll be in a great position to succeed. Like when you predict the Eskimos actual W/L record and Grey Cup victory in 2015? Or that it would be TJ Lee’s breakout year? Or that Chris Getzlaf and John Chick would play their last years in Rider green? Or the last 3 years of Stampeders receiving yards leaders. You get the idea.

2. We love to trash talk

Because why else do we play fantasy sports? This is why I have a friend who’d much rather do the round by round draft, than actually play a season. You know that feeling, right? That friend who by round 7, really has no idea who else plays in the CFL. They are scrambling all over Google to find active players. They are looking over your shoulder for any insight you possibly have. Meanwhile, the faithful gathered are shouting out names of players who’ve been retired for over 10 years. The more flustered he gets, the more you laugh until he finally decides on Paris Jackson. Or when the weekly matchup begins, and you’re paired up against last year’s champ. You begin throwing insults at each other just to set the table. Or when your league mouthpiece sees his first round draft pick suffer a season ending injury. Either way you look at it, fantasy sports is designed for head to head play and trash talk.

3. We love to win

Oh baby, do we ever. Who plays anything to lose? Some are more competitive than others, some play it just to be with the buds. And there definitely are leagues to appease the ones who are set up for campfire drafts (Warm, cozy, all bundled up and holding hands singing songs. You all love each other, roast marshmallows and talk about how colorful the uniforms are). Nothing wrong with that, I suppose. But fantasy sports are far more gratifying if you can give and receive trash talk with grace. Lay it on thick, but take it just as hard. Its incredibly frustrating to play against the guy who can dish it out, but can’t take it. The worst. But when you win, and you win with style. It almost feels like you’ve climbed a mountain (insert chuckles over metaphor).

Pro sport has made an absolute fortune off of those aspects of our personality. Its revolutionized the way we watch our favorite pass time. I will confess, that I’m not the biggest NFL fan out there I’m a CFL purist through and through. But, fantasy football has got me into the game. You can find a wealth of information at your finger tips for the National Football League, but where is it for the Canadian game?

It will be available within the week, and it will blow your mind. I can’t wait to tell you all about the 2016 Onside Fantasy Football Guide. 40 pages of player bios, projections and more.

All geared for the engine that is http://www.fantaseh.ca

If you haven’t heard of it before, check it out. Head to head leagues, full round by round draft abilities with positions and ratios. Very similar to the template on NFL.com, and the only of its kind anywhere across the CFL.

The only place where you can do 3 things:

Be right, trash talk and win.

We’ll do our best to help you predict the future. But most importantly, #WinYourLeague.

Questions or comments? Follow me on Twitter @davedawson7 or @CFLFantasyFTB

Send me an email at Onsidepodcast@gmail.com



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