What is it?

Its it!

The 2016 Onside CFL Fantasy Football Guide is……in one word…..


See what we did there? (the 1989 smash hit) I found it amusing. We at Onside Interactive decided that you probably had “Faith No More” in the information available for CFL Fantasy Football. Which are basically Google, and following your favorite beat writers/media guys.

Not taking anything away from those hardworking people, at all. Its the Scott Mitchells, the Rod Pedersen’s and Darrin Bauming’s, Dave Campbell’s and the Matt Scianitti’s of the world that make our CFL information highway so readily available and accessible. But, we figured it would be so much easier to condense it into one document for 2016.

As you may recall, we released one in 2015. Nothing too over the top. Just the average stats for every player of every position, averaged out in Fantaseh point totals. We sold about 100 of them, and raised an eyebrow. How could we make this product even better? We have a market of fans just thirsting for the resource, and no one is there to turn on the tap.

So that’s when the conversation turned into a brainstorm session. Then, the spreadsheets came out. And the two massive dry erase boards. At one point in time, my basement suite walls were covered with sticky notes of every player in the CFL. Names, stats, projections. We went back through every game in 2015. Looked at every player and every position. Every depth chart. Analyzed the stats and tendencies. Then projected team records, offenses and defenses. Projected players who would rise, ones who would plateau and ones who would decline.

Which brings us to the big day!

The release of the most comprehensive CFL Fantasy Football Guide ever produced. A professionally formatted document with Official CFL pictures in it, 40 pages of player bios for every position. Yes, even team defenses. So regardless of the Fantasy Football medium you are using, its applicable. TSN or Fantaseh, we’ve got you covered.

Why should I buy this, you ask?

Well, plain and simple: You want to kick your friends’ butts! We won’t brag, because people who brag too much aren’t that used to being right, I suppose. But, feel free to peruse our Twitter timeline from the last 2 seasons. You’ll see that our knowledge base of the league doesn’t rely solely on our love for one team.

For example.

You may love one team in the league SO much, you could declare yourself a “fortune teller” of their future. Which is fine and dandy. But, we at Onside Interactive feel that its better to have a broadened affection for all 9 CFL teams. That way, it doesn’t cloud our ability to say, perhaps; back in January that John Chick’s and Weston Dressler’s release would guarantee the Riders at least a .500 season (cough, tweeted it in January.) So that way, when we wrote over 200 player profiles we did it mostly from memory of their games we watched on TV. Because we are fans, just like you. Our color is CFL red. Not green. Not blue and gold. Not double blue. Well all of them, actually.

So what is “it,” you ask?

Its not an excel spreadsheet of only the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Or how neat Mike Reilly is. Or how good Hamilton was at Tim Horton’s Field.

Its a professionally researched, proof read by national media, wallpapered with official CFL pictures, in depth analysis guide.

For 20 bucks. The price of 2 beers.

And it will be on sale, right here, Monday June 6 at 12 pm ET.

Epic. I know, right?

Questions or comments? Follow me on Twitter @davedawson7 or @CFLFantasyFTB

Send me an email at Onsidepodcast@gmail.com


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