Just Google It

One of my favorite pieces of advice I’ve received in my 10 years of sports media.

If you’re looking for an answer for something, or you need some insight?

“Just Google it.”

It was more said out of spite and sarcasm, with an F bomb in the middle. But, you get the point.

You should be able to find whatever you need on the internet in this year of 2016. You can search for any topic, and you can find just about any bit of information. We’ve all done it when we were bored, guilty as charged.

As a long time CFL fantasy football player, I can echo the sentiments of many others. The one thing you are hard pressed to track down? CFL fantasy football info. Who to start, add, bench, the latest trends, injuries and even some advice on who to avoid when drafting.

There are beat writers, but its few and far between. I know we’ve talked at length about our 2016 Fantasy Guide, but allow me to do another sales job.

Have you been burned by a player starting out strong and suddenly falling off the face of the planet? Maybe a QB losing his starting job? Or suddenly a DB comes out of nowhere and blows up your week due to a 2 pick performance? We’ve studied and spent hundreds of hours (no exaggeration) on putting together a guide with projections, tendencies and advice. And its the same price you’d pay buying a pitcher of beer, lets say. RIGHT after your friend who bought a guide, just blew you up by 50 points.

20 bucks is nothing in our current society, really. You can buy so many things with 20 bucks.

Google it, maybe? You can buy almost anything on Ebay or Kijiji with 20 bucks. So many useless items that can collect dust in your basement. Your kitchen? Garage. Spare bedroom. Closet floor or backyard.

So why not spend 20 bucks on something that DOES have value.

Your well being. Your confidence. Your ability to mentally punch your friends in the gonads on draft day. And every other day thereafter.

Or, you can rely on your search engine.

“CFL Fantasy Football info.”

Google it.

Its there, and scattered. You’ll just have to spend hours and hours combing newspapers and articles and make your own advice.

You don’t have time for that in your life. So spend 20 bucks on our fantasy guide, and buy your spouse something nice from Kijiji.

Questions or comments? Follow me on Twitter @davedawson7 or @CFLFantasyFTB

Send me an email at Onsidepodcast@gmail.com


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