Bye, Bye, Bye!

The bane of every fantasy football player’s existence:

The bye week.

Eek. Its like a crazy dude coming at you with a chainsaw when you are trapped in quicksand (what, that’s never happened to you?!) Or if you’re prepared for it? its like seeing that dude who cut you off on the highway, get pulled over by the cops. JUST as you had hoped.

Either way, you forget about them until you dress your roster. Then go “DOH!”

Well, as usual, we here at Onside Interactive are here to prevent you from taking it out on your forehead. Or your road rage. We’d rather you mock your friends, and do it with flare.

So, here is a breakdown of the byes for the 2016 CFL season!

Week 1 & 15:   Saskatchewan Roughriders

Week 2 & 17:  Edmonton Eskimos

Week 3 & 14:  Montreal Alouettes

Week 4 & 20: Calgary Stampeders

Week 5 & 13:  BC Lions

Week 6 & 16: Hamilton Tiger Cats

Week 7, 10 & 19: Toronto Argonauts

Week 8 & 12: Ottawa Redblacks

Week 9 & 18: Winnipeg BlueBombers

There’s no bye in week 11, since the Toronto Argonauts have two games. Labour Day is the “showcase weekend” for the CFL, every year. Toronto plays the Wednesday prior, then on holiday Monday afternoon (nine team league).

In some fantasy football formats you won’t get points for Toronto’s second game that week, just the first. So this way, you won’t be caught off guard when it comes to dressing your line ups.

Instead, undress your friends and laugh at them. Well, not literally. That’s not cool. But figuratively, rather. Beat the pants off of them in fantasy football, and brag about it.

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