Week 2 CFL DFS Rankings

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying….

“Nothing in life is guaranteed.”

While we may hitch our wagon to many stars, its important to know where you’re getting your information from.

If you’re new to the Canadian game like many of our recent subscribers are, we’re more than grateful to spend some time educating you on a few absolutes in the CFL.

Number 1? Most times, no lead is safe. Number 2? Kevin Glenn will throw an interception. And number 3? If you like to win, do your homework.

With that being said, you have your first chance to look at the Saskatchewan Roughriders. There really is no CFL experience quite like being immersed in the Saskatchewan fan base (this coming from a guy raised in Winnipeg. Think 49ers fan flattering a Seahawks fan base). They are intense.

Ottawa travels to Montreal on Thursday, followed by Toronto at Saskatchewan later that night. Friday opens with BC at Hamilton and concludes with Winnipeg in Calgary. The Edmonton Eskimos are on bye week.

We at Onside Interactive compile weekly rankings at every position based on matchups, player tendencies and re-watching hours of game footage.

So once again, here is a snippet of of who we feel will be the biggest point producers at each position:


1. Bo Levi Mitchell – Calgary Stampeders

2. Trevor Harris – Ottawa REDBLACKS

3. ……

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1. Jerome Messam – Calgary Stampeders

2. Tyrell Sutton – Montreal Alouettes

3 ……

Get the full CFL DFS running back rankings and lists for every other position HERE.


1. Chris Williams – Ottawa REDBLACKS

2. Duron Carter – Montreal Alouettes

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1. Calgary Stampeders

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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We’re not ones to say anyone is a “guaranteed start” by any stretch of the imagination. Because after all, nothing in life is guaranteed.

Except our record of winning fantasy football championships.

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Send me an email at Onsidepodcast@gmail.com

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