Week 3 CFL DFS Rankings


CFL Fantasy Football is highly entertaining!

I know, not exactly the follow up that those two words are intended for. Reserved for career ending injuries, a massive trade or a big free agent splash.

But, we use that in more of a “captain obvious says..” sort of manner. Its been the best kept secret north of the border for years, and we’re glad its finally taking off. Thanks in large part to our friends at Draftkings and Draftshot, Daily Fantasy Sports has taken the Canadian Football game to new heights. And by that, we mean exposure.

So how do we return the favor to our new American friends? No one knows or loves the game of football quite like them…

We want to help you win. You probably like to win, and you probably like money. So if those two aspects of sport have you hooked on DFS, lets turn fantasy into a reality.

Here’s a sneak peak of our rankings for week 3..


1. Mike Reilly – Edmonton Eskimos

2. ……

Get the rest of the CFL DFS rankings HERE.


1. Jeremiah Johnson (or if he is injured, Anthony Allen) – BC Lions

2. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.


1. Luke Tasker – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

2. Adarius Bowman – Edmonton Eskimos

3. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.


1. BC Lions

2. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.



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(Another captain obvious statement)

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