Week 7 – Injuries

We’re having a difficulty recalling the last time there were THIS many big injuries in the CFL. QB’s, RB’s and REC’s. The list piles up, and it got worse in week 6. Here’s who’s new, and an update on regular attendees.


  • Zac Collaros – QB, Hamilton Tiger Cats

What’s a scary thought? If you’re new to the CFL this year, you’ve yet to see what the hype is about this guy. Before a pair of injuries, he was “THE” new face of the league. Smooth delivery, accurate passer, dangerous with his legs and absolutely focused the minute he arrives at the stadium. He’s almost ready to go, but Hamilton won’t rush him with how well their team has played (QB Masoli has benefited). Timeline is mid to late August.

  • Darian Durant – QB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Rider Nation fell in love with their backup two weeks ago and thought “Hey Darian, don’t hurry back!” Now after Gale’s sub par performance last week, the green machine are knocking on Darian’s door begging for forgiveness. He’s been on the depth chart listed as a backup, and we’d expect him at controls for the back half of the home and home vs Calgary (its in Regina).

  • Weston Dressler – WR, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Bombers took daddy’s credit card and went on a midnight shopping spree during the off season and loaded up on shiny new parts. Well, the bad news for Bombers fans is so far its translated to “items in need of repair.” Dressler left last week’s contest vs Edmonton with a leg injury, and he’ll be out a couple of weeks. That will give an increased role for Thomas Mayo, and as we say in the fantasy world….SPREAD IT ON!

  • Darvin Adams – WR, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Another deep threat who’s found himself banged up time and again in the Winnipeg offense. He was seen with his left arm in a sling at practice on Sunday (remember the trainers working on his shoulder over the last few weeks? Looks like he’d been playing through an injury). Normally you’d xpect expanded roles for Quincy McDuffie (keep reading), but that will enter Kris Adams into the equation.

  • Quincy McDuffie – WR/KR, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

If the Bombers didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all. Okay who are we kidding, they put a lot of this on themselves. But when it comes to injuries, yes we empathize. We had some gracious optimism for this explosive utility guy in 2016, but now he’s out with a shoulder injury. GM Kyle Walters brought back the oft-cut Clarence Denmark to the team (Denmark was once their #1 target in offense!). Lets see if the the great Dane can keep a roster spot (the book on Denmark is: Good hands, but soft).

  • John Chiles – SB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

You know what’s not a lot of fun to type? The words “we told you so” when it comes to fantasy injuries. I mean, trust me, our staff had such high hopes for this guy going into 2016. Fantasy owners had cut him out of their life once and for all like that ex who keeps sending you midnight texts. THEN he comes back, has a great start to the season. Welp, now he broke your heart once again. Mr Chiles has missed the last 2 weeks with a knee injury, and it appears that could be the theme for 2016. BUT, in walks a “tall, dark and handsome” alternative across the bar. Mr Ryan Lankford. (Its time to move on from your ex. They’re trouble anyway, right?)

  • Tori Gurley – WR, Toronto Argonauts

Finding info on CFL players in Toronto is like walking into McDonalds and asking to buy a ticket to tonight’s movie at your local theater. It doesn’t make sense, right? Exactly. It doesn’t make sense how in Canada’s largest city, no one reports on the daily’s of their professional football team. So with that being said, Tori Gurley’s injury has been a relative mystery. We know he’s missed 2 weeks, we know its a back problem and we know Devon Wylie has looked excellent in his place. We know he hasn’t been placed on the 6-game injured list. We also know Toronto is on bye this week, and has two byes in the next 4 weeks (Translation, Gurley will have lots of time to heal!).

  • Vidal Hazelton – WR, Toronto Argonauts

He’s been coming off the field at least once a quarter having different body parts looked at and worked on over the last two weeks. Now, this one looks a little more serious. He left the game last night and had ice on his ankle. Kenny Shaw shifted to the wide-out position, and benefited from it. Again, the Argos are on bye so they’ll keep their big star on ice for a week (pun intended).

  • Nic Grigsby – RB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

Give this guy a break, he was selling cars a month ago! Despite missing camp and coming onto the roster on a panic, he’s filled in nicely. He missed most of the first half in last night’s tilt with the Argos with a left shoulder injury. But did return and was able to shake off contact. Thankfully, Ottawa doesn’t play until Saturday so they’ll ease him back into contact. The good news? They play the Eskimos whose defense isn’t a fan of contact, anyway (badum, tiss).

  • Travon Van – RB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

You almost forgot about him, didn’t you? Van was injured as quickly as he burst onto the scene. But guess what? He tweeted out last week that he’s ready to return to game action. But, unfortunately for Ottawa he won’t be able to until he’s off of the 6-game (one more week).

  • Jeremiah Johnson – RB, BC Lions

The man we had picked to lead the CFL in rushing this year has been out of action since week 2 with an ankle injury. Anthony Allen has happily taken his spot, and provided a great alternative to JJ’s skillset. Allen is capable, and is a different style of back. But when JJ is at full capacity, you’ll see what we mean (think DeMarco Murray in his prime).

  • Curtis Steele – RB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Here it comes, the most over used nickname in the CFL……wait for it……”The man of Steele” was given kryptonite a few weeks back, and missed the spanking in Montreal because of it (leg injury). Riders brass left in dire circumstances, inserted the big talented Michael Dyer into the line up. Much like Steele did in his first outing with the green and white, Dyer had issues catching out of the backfield. If he improves those, Curtis will find himself in yet another deja vu circumstance as he did in Toronto (guys taking his job when he’s injured).


  • Mic’hael Brooks – DT, BC Lions

He’s already made a name for himself as one of the most disliked players in the CFL, so many fans would snicker at seeing him on this list. But in the DFS and fantasy world, this means 5 less points a week for BC D/ST. He’s “the” glue holding the initial line of scrimmage, he’s a frustrating body to play against for offenses. And he left Friday night’s classic vs Calgary with guess what? A leg injury. He won’t play this week, and former Bomber Bryant Turner will fill in.

  • David Menard -DT, BC Lions

Down goes the BC interior. Its not surprise the Calgary Stampeders were able to rally late and seal the game in OT (credit to the Calgary secondary of ball hawks). But this is a MASSIVE hole up the middle, and cuts into their depth at this position (keep reading).

  • Craig Roh – DE, BC Lions

**another one bites the dust** awful news for probably the most exciting team to watch this season. Great young QB, exciting defense and high flying receivers. Well, now they have one starter left on the DL. Thankfully, Roh is expected to play this week.

  • Frank Beltre – DE, Calgary Stampeders

He’s missed the last two weeks with a foot injury, and when he comes back will provide a dangerous pass rush attack. Ja’Gared Davis has played so well, you wonder how much longer the 32 year old Hughes will remain a starter when Beltre returns…

  • Arnaud Gascon-Nadon – DE, Ottawa REDBLACKS

2016 fantasy sweetheart in ratio leagues. A pass rush threat, a guy who recovers fumbles and he’s Canadian. Out of action in week 6 with a leg injury, AGN should be out for about a month. Mike Moore filled his shoes nicely in a losing cause.

  • Louchiez Purifoy – LB, BC Lions

A right arm injury kept the Lions interior match up demon in and out of the game vs Calgary. He’s the reason Marquay McDaniel was pretty much a ghost, and thankfully it doesn’t appear he’ll miss any time this week….so far. If he does, that will require some mixing and matching. The SAM LB position to play. Steven Clarke (who’s job this was before Purifoy) could switch back from Corner. Its easier to find a Corner, than a solid SAM LB.

  • Mike Edem – S, BC Lions

By the time you grabbed your beer and cracked your bag of potato chips, Edem had his pads off and hat backwards. CFL vet Eric Fraser filled in nicely, picking off Stamps QB Bo Levi Mitchell. Edem will be out this week, too.

  • Abdul Kanneh – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

One of the most physical DB’s in the league, he’ll be out of action for a few weeks at least. He was seen on crutches during Monday’s contest vs the Argos. The timing couldn’t have been better for the new shut down corner in town, Mitchell White to appear on the scene. He’ll be the one Coach Rick Campbell will stick on the opposing team’s top threats, and he did it with success yesterday. He was in Vidal Hazelton’s kitchen all night long (and no disrespect to Kanneh, but White takes FAR less penalties). Jermaine Robinson shifted to corner to fill in for Kanneh.

  • Jerell Gavins – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

His right knee gave out early in the contest, and Gavins didn’t return. Imoan Claiborne filled his role in what’s been a patchwork secondary in 2016.

  • Aaron Berry – DB, Toronto Argonauts

He pulled up lame chasing down an errant Henry Burris pass on Sunday night, and in came Isaiah Green. We need not talk about how much we love that young man. If Berry is out for a few weeks, Green is no slouch to the position. Again, the Argos are on bye week so we don’t expect to hear anything until mid August.

  • Brandon Stewart – DB, BC Lions

One of the comeback stories over recent years, Brandon Stewart has found himself a new home in BC. As much as he tried to play through a right knee injury on Friday, it eventually got the best of him. More mix and matching for Wally Buono.

  • Tristan Jackson – DB/KR, Ottawa REDBLACKS

The replacement in the secondary for Abdul Kanneh found himself on the shelf during a kick return in the first half. He tried to turn on the jets on the outside, and instead found himself sniffing the 45 yard line. Jackson came back a couple of series later but eventually called it a night. Chris Williams would return kicks and punts in his absence.

  • Johnny Sears – DB, Hamilton Tiger Cats

There are two things Mr Sears has done well over his career. Hit people hard (sometimes borderline) and get injured. IF he could stay healthy and in the line up, we don’t see why he shouldn’t put up 13 picks a season. He’s THAT good. But, as the popular saying goes: “If if’s and butt’s were candies and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.” And Dom Ellis has the candies and the nuts to continue to do fill in duty in the Tiger Cats aggressive secondary.


Hard to believe those were mostly guys of whom we had UPDATES on. Didn’t even mention Bombers SB Ryan Smith (and on and on). If you’re in long format fantasy, you’re probably lobbying your commish for 6 or 7 IR spots. If you’re in Draftkings, the weekly wait to see if a guy is added into the system is your thorn. Alas, we’re here to help.

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