Week 7 CFL DFS Rankings

Have you ever played “eenie, meanie, miney, mo (no clue how to actually spell that, TBH)?”

The answer is OBVIOUSLY yes. You have to have lived under a rock your entire life, if you’ve never heard of that. And lets not kid ourselves, I’m sure at one point in time we’ve done that in fantasy sports.

Well, guess what. We know you’ve been thinking about that for the Bombers receivers this week. I mean, who isn’t? Who’s going to see all of the targets? Can Mike Reilly and the Eskimos offense return to form? CAN THEIR DEFENSE STOP ANYONE? How about the Riders? What gives? Who do you choose?

Eenie, meanie, miney, mo?

Nah, save yourself the frustration. Click below, and get the inside track.


1. Henry Burris – Ottawa REDBLACKS

2. ……

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1. Andrew Harris – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.


1. Chris Williams – Ottawa REDBLACKS

2. Adarius Bowman – Edmonton Eskimos

3. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.


1. Calgary Stampeders Defense

2. ……

Get the full CFL DFS rankings HERE.


If you purchased the rankings and you’re reading this, you’re probably going “OHHHHHH RIIIIIIGHT! THAT MAKES SENSE!”

I know, right? And if you didn’t, well, there’s always old faithful.

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