Week 8 – Injuries

The list is getting shorter on offense, which is great news for DFS. If you play long format, the list has grown SUBSTANTIALLY after week 7’s contests:


  • Zach Collaros – QB, Hamilton Tiger Cats

Torn ACL, and he’s baaaack. Good grief, are we excited. Easily the most anticipated return since Triple H returned to RAW, after recovering from a torn achillies (yes, I used to watch wrestling). This is big, big, big news. And our Episode 13 podcast will tell you who will benefit.

  • Nic Grigsby – RB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

That left shoulder continues to bother Mr KIA, and it forced him out of Saturday’s game vs the Eskimos. Like we’ve said 100 times already, he only started playing football again 1 month ago, so its a miracle he’s still able to return again and again. The unfortunate luck for this guy, is Ottawa’s depth at the RB position. And their week 1 starter Travon Van is ready to return. Could they pull him off of the 6-game a week early?

  • Brandon Whitaker – RB, Toronto Argonauts

Story of his career, really for the ageless one. He gets injured, someone steals his job and he has to prove himself to get back in the starting rotation. Welp, he may still be getting injured but old “2 way” as they call him won’t be giving up his starting job anytime soon. He hurt his left leg before the bye, and has had a week to recover. But, Henry Josey is eligible to come off of the IR. How will that factor in?

  • Vidal Hazelton – WR, Toronto Argonauts

Had ice on his left foot vs Ottawa prior to the bye, so we’ll see how ready he is for game action. Kenny Shaw shifted to wide-out to cover, and likely will again in that scenario if he’s not ready to go. Or, if a few other bodies are back….

  • Diontae Spencer – SB, Toronto Argonauts

The sophomore sensation suffered a hairline fracture in his back during training camp and was placed on the 6-game. He’s eligible to return, and if he does it could light explosive fireworks off all over the field. He’d take Shaw’s spot, Shaw would shift over if Hazelton were out.

  • Tori Gurley – WR, Toronto Argonauts

We’re talking high level, 9/11 security detail on Gurley’s back injury. Like this is black ops stuff, pretty much. No one has said a peep about the health of the 2015 touchdown machine, and the only thing we can tell you is that he’s NOT on the 6-game. That will likely be status quo going forward. He’s been out for 3 weeks, and Devon Wylie’s looked great in his place.

  • John Chiles – SB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

He’s on the “suspended list” dealing with “personal issues.” I’m using the “air quotes” from “Wayne’s World movie.” Who else had “personal issues?” Michael Sam. But we both know that just meant he was out of shape. Maybe the same for Mr Chiles? Chris Jones is the master of finding ways to keep guys on his roster. See week 7 write up for Chiles if you still own him. Ryan Lankford is the man going forward, and he’s already seeing prime targets in his spot. Sorry, “prime targets.”


  • Sam Eguavoen – LB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

The big man left Thursday’s game with a leg injury, and he was in a considerable amount of pain. Fan favorite Jeff Knox Jr finally found his way up to the starting rotation, and he will be putting up a fight to keep it. If Sammy is back right away, expect this battle to only intensify as the weeks move forward.

  • Billy Parker – DB, Montreal Alouettes

Came out of the game on Thursday and did not return, which is bad news for the Alouettes. Billy also didn’t practice on Sunday. Parker is their top cover man, and one of the best in the CFL at his position. If he’s not ready to go for this week, Greg Henderson would jump in for the veteran.

  • Aaron Berry – DB, Toronto Argonauts

Pulled up lame before the bye, and has had a week to rest the groin. So far, he’s not on the 6-game. Isaiah Green filled in for him, and is a very good defensive back. The team also signed (again) veteran Jerald Brown, who retired during Toronto training camp, so he could fill that hole.

  • Abdul Kanneh – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

The most bandaged up, walking wounded of all CFL secondaries at the moment (with an honorable mention to the Bombers and Riders) but Ottawa is without some VERY key pieces. Kanneh still continues to recover from injury, Hightower filled in for him. But if Hightower is out (It would be Tristan Jackson, but…..)

  • Tristan Jackson – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

In his mind, he was ready to go last week vs Edmonton. But, that hamstring pull kept him out of action. Low and behold, the Ottawa D hung in there and pulled out a win anyway. He’s not too far off from returning, and a bye week could be just what the doctor ordered (literally).

  • Mitchell White – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

Left the game in the second half with a left ankle injury, but made it back for the Eskimos final push. Plain and simple, the REDBLACKS need this guy in the line up. He will continue to shut down big name WR’s, and the bye week came at the absolute perfect time.

  • Jerell Gavins – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

Missed week 7 with a right knee injury, and Imoan Claiborne (candidate for best name in the CFL) took his spot. Broken record, team goes on bye and we all celebrate.

  • Forrest Hightower – DB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

Yes, you counted correctly. That’s 5 injuries to DB for Ottawa and yes, there are only 5 defensive secondary spots on the field. They’re banged up, and this one was a big injury. Run, Forrest, run to the bye week. They need you back after a left arm injury (Nick Taylor filled in for him when he went down).

  • Derrius Brooks – DB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Eligible to come off of the 6-game, and the Riders need it with rookies flying all over the field. Just in time to pour Bo Levi Mitchell a tall glass of reality? Maybe?

  • Mike Edem – S, BC Lions

He’ll likely be back this week vs Hamilton, and the Lions will do EVERYTHING they can to have a healthy secondary vs Mr Collaros. (hmmmm, you WONDER if maaaaaaaaaaaybe he would have been good to go last week. But they were ONLY playing Kevin Glenn. Rumors, all rumors). He had an extra week to rest, and he’ll take the spot of vet Eric Fraser.

  • Brandon Stewart – DB, BC Lions

Boy they’re excited to have this guy back and healthy, after sitting out a week and preparing for this potential Grey Cup preview. A right knee injury put Mr Stewart on the shelf, and he’s ready to take on his old team (well, I guess he has a few “old teams”).

  • Demond Washington – DB, Hamilton Tiger Cats

Mr Washington, we’ll happily compare you to different stages in Jovon Johnson’s career (without the D player of the year honors, and the bounce back seasons). Two things this guy has made a name for himself over: Taking kicks back to the house as a returner, and getting beat on deep balls. He’s eligible to come off of the 6-game if the Ticats do choose, but we’ll wait and see. The good news? If you’re in long format, he’s a tackling machine (because he’s usually chasing guys down).

  • Johnny Adams – DB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Don’t look now (never thought we’d say this) but the Bombers have a good problem at DB: Too many good players! Johnny Adams should be ready to return (FINALLY) and both of their corners have made big plays in successive weeks (pick, one for a major). It will likely be CJ Roberts who sits, and Mr Adams to make his return.

  • Julian Posey – DB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Posey may be ready to come back, too. There will be some mixing and matching of bodies, and don’t be surprised if they shuffle some names around in order to keep Frederick on the active roster. Kevin Fogg could shift around in order to give the Bombers a pocket full of Posey (never gets old).

  • Mic-hael Brooks – DL, BC Lions

The Hamilton Tiger Cats don’t run the ball anyway, so this won’t begin by me saying “he should shut down CJ Gable nicely this week.” The guy who shuts down CJ Gable the best? Stefan Ptasek (Ticats OC). Collaros is back, and he likes to use his legs. With Brooks healthy, that will solidify their pass rush. ***psssst. Set your PVR’s for the Ticats/Lions game if you’re a football purist***** (Bryant Turner replaced him last week and got a sack, but BT goes to the 1 game).

  • Craig Roh – DE, BC Lions

Roh Roh Roh your boat, gently off the 1 game. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, this defense is like a dream.

  • David Menard – DL, BC Lions

The Lions “saved big money with Menard” on the 1-game. Ok, I get carried away with puns. This BC D will flex their muscles this week.

  • Dylan Ainsworth – DL, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Depth player, and he’s eligible to come off of the 6-game. Most importantly, he gives the Riders something they are desperately lacking ALL over their roster: Talented Canadian depth.

  • Eric Norwood – DE, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Really, we honestly saved the “best for last” and I’m not joking. He’s hidden way down on this list, because you’ve been hiding him on your fantasy bench all season. The 6-game time frame is over, and he could be ready to go very shortly. Newsome becomes old-Newsome when Eric Norwood steps on the field. That will only help the double teams JC sees on the other side, and voila: The Riders pass rush looks as good as it did in 2013.


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