Week 9 Injuries

Slowly but surely, key players are clawing their way back to health. Here’s who’s banged up from week 8’s contests.


  • Trevor Harris – QB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

Head Coach Rick Campbell says he doesn’t want to rush his future franchise player back into action after a lower leg injury. He’ll backup Henry this week against Montreal, which is perfect. Because they should be up by 40 at half time.

  • Andrew Harris – RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

He took a helmet to his left hand in the 4th quarter, and sat out a series on two separate occasions. The Bombers are on bye week, and this shouldn’t alarm fantasy owners.

  • Travon Van – RB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

He practiced at full speed this week (knee), and has 1 more game to serve on the 6-game injured list. This spells great news for the Ottawa run game, and awful news for the top car salesman turned CFL rental player Nic Grigsby.

  • Brandon Rutley – RB, Montreal Alouettes

He took a minor bump and left the field briefly, just long enough to be able to chase down JC Sherritt and recover a fumble. ONLY for Kevin Glenn to throw the game away NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.

  • Kenny Shaw – WR/SB, Toronto Argonauts

Its difficult to decide what the worst thing to happen to Shaw was this week: His head injury, or Diontae Spencer returning to the line up. Kenny got knocked, sat out a series then was right back out there. But, you barely noticed him because of 85’s targets (which we told you about in…………….week 1?)

  • Kevin Elliott – WR, Toronto Argonauts

One of the “big three” that emerged on the scene in Toronto last season is eligible to return from the 6-game this week (Not like the Argos need help at the WR position anyway). Elliott is the less flashy version of Tori Gurley, but he’s a veteran presence the Argos could use.

  • Vidal Hazelton – WR, Toronto Argonauts

The good news? The Argos haven’t put Hazelton on the 6-game. The bad news? Who’s going to throw him the ball? He missed last week’s stink fest vs the Bombers, and Toronto’s offense oh-so-desperately needs him back (well, to be honest they need Ricky Ray back) Kilgore showed he’s capable, and he’s got an opportunity to utilize Vidal against the confusing Eskimos.


  • Cory Greenwood – MLB, Toronto Argonauts

Eek, this leg injury looked ugly. Yes, the Argos have yet to put him on the 6-game as of this very second. And yes, Jermaine Gabriel also got carted off of the field and then returned the next game. But? He played 2 series and we haven’t seen him since. I doubt the Argos will rush Greenwood back with the depth they have at the MLB position (And week 1 starter Marshall McFadden ready to return).

  • Justin Cox – DB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

This man is a robot, I swear. He gets walloped in the back, looks like he can barely walk and then VOILA he hits the sidelines, is full of adrenaline and BOOM picks off Bo Levi. How can you not love him? Nothing will keep one of the most underrated DB’s in the league out of the line up, it appears. And the Riders will need him this week vs Collaros.

  • Devin Smith – DB, Toronto Argonauts

If there’s one thing the Argos have done well this season, its get injured and especially in the secondary. Devin Smith comes back to the team, plays 1 game then boom goes down with a leg injury. In the same “out of retirement” category comes his replacement, Jerald Brown who will likely remain there for this week.

  • Matt Black – S, Toronto Argonauts

He wasn’t even listed as the starter this week anyway (Thomas Gordon) but he went down with an arm injury. Again, the Argos have yet to put him on the injured list, let alone the 6-game. But the veteran ballhawk has been relatively banged up this season, and Gordon is showing no signs of wanting to give up his starting role.

  • Michael Klassen – DL, Montreal Alouettes

When big men fall down, they fall down hard and Mr Klassen looked in a world of hurt when the pile fell on his leg. A great national depth, interior player for the Alouettes who’s season is slowly slipping away from them (c’mon, like you really expected them to be good this season?!) He won’t break anyone’s fantasy football roster with his injury, but he is a good rotation piece of their run defense.


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