Week 10 – Injuries

As we inch closer to the biggest weekend of the season, here come the stars back from injury. A few more were added to the walking wounded in week 9, but overall the outlook is promising.


  • Trevor Harris – QB, Ottawa REDBLACKS

No talking jug, no drinking jugs or doing the jug. Whatever Henry Burris said in his fired up interview, he can now prepare again from the sidelines. With all do respect to the ageless one, this is now Trevor Harris’ team. He’s back from a high ankle injury, and look out CFL (salivating over the idea of watching he and Collaros go toe to toe!)

  • Ricky Ray – QB, Toronto Argonauts

If you’re an Argos fan and you watched the game last week, you were probably wondering why they just didn’t start Cody Fajardo. Frankly, we were wondering the same thing. But, Kilgore showed promise and Milanovich was evaluating his assets going forward. He now knows that Fajardo is the future, so when they get back from bye in week 10 they’ll go back to their current in Ricky Ray (MCL). And JUST as they get a whole contingent of receivers back from injury, too.

  • Cody Fajardo – QB, Toronto Argonauts

He’s the future. We doubt Ray’s body will last until he’s 41, and eventually the keys to the boat will need to be handed off. Don’t look now, but Scott Milanovich and the Argos are almost eye to eye with Wally Buono at developing star QB’s (Collaros, Harris and now Fajardo). In the meantime, he’ll have a week to rest that right forearm after doing what? Sacrificing his body, diving for the end zone in a game they had no hope in coming back to win. The future (Dan the Stats Guy called this in our preseason podcast).

  • John White – RB, Edmonton Eskimos

If the sight of blood makes you squeamish then you probably avoided Google imaging “John White hand injury.” Unless someone had a razor blade on the field, its hard to imagine what caused the speedy one’s mitt to explode with blood the way it was on Saturday. Horrible luck for him, who was having arguably his best game of the season. As of Monday morning, it doesn’t appear serious. If he’s out long term, look for 2015 starter Shakir Bell to take over duties (very similar skillset, White is a better blocker).

  • Andrew Harris – RB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Its almost not even worth writing in here, because his hand injury looked anything but serious in week 8’s contest vs Toronto (hmmm, the plot thickens. RB’s with hand injuries vs the Argos. Hmmmmm) He’s had a week to rest it, and it would take a chopped off arm to keep Harris out of a game right now.

  • Tyrell Sutton – RB, Montreal Alouettes

You hear about the term QB controversy often, but rarely a RB controversy. Well, folks, we have one brewing in Montreal. Sutton is eligible to come off of the 6-game this week, and he would take his #1 job back from Brandon Rutley. The Als rarely keep both stars on the active roster together, but they may do so for the first week or 2 as a security blanket. Plain and simple, they like Sutton more from scrimmage, but Rutley is all round a better athlete. Keep your eye on this battle going forward.

  • Brandon Rutley – RB, Montreal Alouettes

But, with that being said the Alouettes may not have to make a decision this week. The all-around athlete left the game late in the 4th quarter with a right leg injury, and Stefan Logan replaced him. This could spell bad news for Rutley owners, as Mr. Calvillo and Mr. Chapdelaine would rather have his hands run over on the highway than run the ball 15+ times a game.

  • Kenny Stafford – SB, Montreal Alouettes

This may not have a whole lot of press behind it, but its a MASSIVE weapon back for Kevin Glenn. Absolutely massive. Stafford went down in the same game that saw SJ Green book his couch potato passport, Sutton and the rest. But, he’s eligible to come back in that weak side slotback position and will give Glenn another reason to not pass to Gigeure or Louks. Or for that matter, give Calvillo and Chapdelaine YET ANOTHER reason to not run the ball (as if JC ever needed another reason for that). Just his luck (sarcasm), he gets Bruce Johnson or Kevin Fogg if he’s back this week.

  • Rob Bagg – SB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

At one point in time in his career, this was the popular spot for Mr. Bagg (the IR). But now, he’s one of the most reliable veterans in the CFL and the Riders would hate to lose the durable slotback. He suffered a left arm injury in the 4th quarter of the Riders second Eastern blowout in 2016, and we’ll get an update when the team practices Monday. If he’s out, expect his replacement to be someone will play one game and then you’ll never hear about him ever again (Chris Jones’ mantra in 2016).

  • John Chiles – SB, Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny. His “personal issues” may have got a little more severe after the 46 point loss in Hamilton last week. We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times. When he gets into the line up, he could challenge Derel and Adarius for the CFL lead. But one small problem, HE CAN’T STAY IN THE LINE UP (injuries/personal issues). Fingers crossed he could be back soon.

  • Nate Coehoorn – WR, Edmonton Eskimos

He blocks, he survives contact and he goes across the middle. Sound like anyone else? (look 2 entries up). So WHY DON’T THEY PUT HIM AT SLOTBACK! IT BLOWS MY MIND! Instead, put someone who’s afraid to get hit and afraid to battle for balls (Getzlaf). Okay anyway, rant done. The Medicine Hat native had arguably his best game of 2016 before leaving with a right shoulder injury (opposite from last year). He’s also battled concussion symptoms. The Eskimos need his character on the field and in the locker room.

  • Devon Wylie – WR, Toronto Argonauts

The Weston Dressler comparison is valid, absolutely. Too bad for Devon, he left the field a little sore with an undisclosed injury. But since, as usual, there is no day today beat writer covering the team? We won’t expect an update before one of their 2 week 11 games. If its not serious, I expect Wylie to come in and force Kevin Elliott to the practice roster.


  • Mic’hael Brooks – DT, BC Lions

No broken record here, and we’re not going to use this injury as an excuse for the Stampeders victory in week 9. But the Lions need their run stopper healthy, plain and simple. Bryant Turner just isn’t Mic’hael Brooks, and he should be back in action this week.

  • Bryan Hall – DT, Toronto Argonauts

A similar pedigree to Brooks, but to a lesser extent. He went down with a right knee injury and we feared the worst but, then he returned and even picked himself up a sack. As previously mentioned, he will have a week to rest any remaining soreness.

  • Joe Burnett – LB, Calgary Stampeders

An integral position in your team’s defense, is the SAM linebacker. At first, it just looked like a bit of a stinger and the DB converted LB would be healthy. But Alex Singleton replaced him, and the 2016 draft pick managed to fill his shoes for 2 quarters. If there’s one thing Burnett knows? Its injuries. Again, its Monday morning and we haven’t received an update yet on his progress. Plus, our main man Scott Mitchell from the Calgary Herald has now joined Chris O’Leary in T.O. Sad panda.

  • Steven Clarke – DB, BC Lions

A BIG shut down corner for the Lions, and his injury did not look good. It looks like his ACL, and he was replacing ball hawk TJ Lee who went down a couple of weeks back. Unless the Lions find an option other than what looks to be Anthony Gaitor, WR’s are going to feast on that corner.

  • Devin Smith – DB, Toronto Argonauts

He’s out. No wait, he’s in. Okay he’s out. No wait, he’s in. That’s been Devin Smith’s 2016 season. Retirement, then the phone call to come back and play. Then he’s injured, oh wait he’s healthy. Then he’s injured again, nope he’s back. He left Saturday’s contest with a left knee injury, and then he returned briefly. So if you’re an owner of his in long format, it could be safe to avoid him for the time being.


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