Podcast – Episode 20

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy discuss injury replacements, big time September performances, stat trends, red zone targets, and the best matchups for Week 15 in the CFL.

Fantasy GM Part 2: What Would You Do?

Lets get right down to business (continued from previous entry). Why would the Toronto Argonauts entertain the idea of a Chambers for Fajardo trade? Because the franchise has lived by one rule and one rule only in the years I’ve been watching our great game: They want a big name, big money QB to showcase…

Fantasy GM: What Would You Do?

We all love to play General Manager in all of our sports we follow, don’t we? The armchair GM’s who think we know better than the guys running the team. Well, sometimes we actually DO know more (we aren’t pointing fingers at any organizations) from time to time. We make the trades in our video…

HELP! Who are you?

Ah yes, we are nearly three quarters of the way through the Canadian Football League season, and its getting close to playoff time in your long format fantasy leagues. You’re all stocked up on the Derel Walker’s, Terrence Toliver’s and Diontae Spencer’s of the world and are ready for the home stretch. But one BIG…

Podcast – Episode 19

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy run through a myriad of injuries heading into week 14, and provide some helpful hints to season long format users.

Podcast – Episode 18

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy discuss some internal battles for one CFL team, a bunch of new injuries to consider for fantasy football, Week 12 darlings, who you need to trade, and the biggest matchups for Week 13 in the CFL.

DB’s: Are you a Poser, or Poster?

I’ve finally come to terms with one thing about my years of CFL fandom: I absolutely love defensive backs. I tend to watch them more than anyone during a game, pick up on their tendencies (especially when it comes to fantasy football points) and overall just enjoy a good pick more than any other play….