HELP! Who are you?

Ah yes, we are nearly three quarters of the way through the Canadian Football League season, and its getting close to playoff time in your long format fantasy leagues.

You’re all stocked up on the Derel Walker’s, Terrence Toliver’s and Diontae Spencer’s of the world and are ready for the home stretch. But one BIG problem! The injury bug has hit, and your Luke Tasker/Naaman Roosevelt needed to be replaced.

No problem! Insert in a Chad Owens or a Bakari Grant. Uh oh! Now they’ve gone down, what do I do? Who are all of these unknown guys?

Have no fear, here are a couple of names of guys who are in action this weekend that will blow your doors off.

  1. Kamar Jorden – SB, Calgary Stampeders

If you purchased our 2016 Onside CFL Fantasy Guide, we spoke very highly of him. He’s playing Eric Rodgers old spot, which has most recently been vacated by the oft-injured Bakari Grant. Yes, we touted Jorden to blow the doors off of the CFL this season but he was in a battle with a long time vet. Now that Bakari is on the shelf, its time for a new star to emerge. Yes, Davaris Daniels is the love child of many Stampeders faithful but make no mistake: Jorden has the moxy, and the speed to do what Jeff Fuller and Eric Rodgers did.

2. Junior Collins – SB, Hamilton Tiger Cats

Now before you go calling him a “relatively unknown commodity,” lets not forget when Collaros FIRST became a superstar in Hamilton, he was tossing balls to Junior Collins at will in 2014. He didn’t see a lot of action in 2015, but he’s been waiting for his shot in a very deep Ticats receiving corps. Owens has played one 18 game season in his CFL career, and now its time for Collins to step up. Don’t be surprised if he’s the number 1 target man for Collaros on Saturday.

I could do a write up on Terrell Sinkfield, but I’m sure by now you’ve been listening to our weekly podcasts and how we’ve been talking him up since week 7. He may end up in the top 5 receiving yards by week 18, he’s that good.

So for now, those are 2 guys that you should be jumping all over on your roster. And I say this with fingers crossed behind my back, but John Chiles may light it up this weekend too. His personal issues in Sask may have had more to do with how he got treated with the alleged hotel of 20 players waiting to take his spot. If he stays healthy down the stretch, he may blow your doors off too.

So for now, go add Kamar Jorden. And Collins, t-t-today Junior!


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