Fantasy GM: What Would You Do?

We all love to play General Manager in all of our sports we follow, don’t we? The armchair GM’s who think we know better than the guys running the team. Well, sometimes we actually DO know more (we aren’t pointing fingers at any organizations) from time to time. We make the trades in our video games just to see if they’ll be approved.

Unfortunately in the CFL, we don’t have that luxury of an EA Sports simulator. But, we can always dream can we not?

The Canadian Football League trade deadline is coming up in two short weeks (October 12) and in great fantasy football fashion, I figured we could drum up a little bit of fun. ****THESE ARE NOT TRADE RUMORS*** but simply if I had controls over each team’s GM spot right now, the moves I would make to improve the squad (contracts aren’t necessarily factored in on these moves).

Lets start with the West for this entry.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Right now, I’d make two moves. Yes, after they’ve already pulled off the blockbuster of the season in what many would feel a hosing of Argos GM Jim Barker. Kyle Walters is starting to build himself (DON’T LOOK NOW BOMBERS FANS!) a team that may actually be good for years to come (I hope I didn’t jinx it for you guys). If anything, he’s great at assessing talent. The two moves I would make?

  • Trade DE Jamaal Westerman. I wish I could see the look on your face, really. I know, I know swear at me if you’d like that’s fine. My thick media skin is used to being criticized and torn apart. Winnipeg has promising Canadian DE Trent Corney waiting for his turn, and they have the Argos 1st round pick in 2017. Jamaal hasn’t had the greatest season, and yes that could turn around. The POINT TO TAKE AWAY in this, is he’s a Canadian DE that can bring in huge return. And………

2. Edmonton Eskimos

GM Ed Hervey is a proud, proud man. He built a Grey Cup contender, so why wouldn’t he be? He revitalized Adarius Bowman, who was a two time cast off and plucked Mike Reilly from a talent rich BC team and made him into the superstar we all knew he’d become. Imagine the Edmonton Eskimos without those two guys? I sure can’t. They are the identity of the team. Which is why they should make this move:

  • Trade WR Nate Coehoorn. To whom you ask? Why, none other than the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. As previously stated, Reilly to Bowman and Reilly to Walker is certifiably an unbeatable combination. Each game, both receivers are going to see 80 percent of the targets coming out of Mike’s hands and why not? Nate is a 5 year vet, and unlike many players “left” out at the strong side WR spot he should be getting respect like….. lets say, a Brad Sinopoli. Why isn’t he? Because the Eskimos don’t use the field corner. Its a risky throw, fair. But the Bombers need Canadian receiver talent, and Nate already has chemistry with former teammate QB Matt Nichols. I’d imagine a Rory Kohlert/Johnny Adams package or even Westerman could work one way. Maybe an Alex Hoffman-Ellis with a pick going the other way? Who knows.

3. Calgary Stampeders

If Hervey is proud, John Hufnagel has velvet ropes laid out everywhere he walks. This guy turns everything to gold and he knows it, and who in the right mind would make a trade right now on this team? (The logic of many fans in Southern Alberta) I mean, they’re the greatest team in CFL history and they could go down in the record books for having the first QB that with the snap of his fingers turns footballs into puppies, right? Alright, alright just having a little bit of fun. In all seriousness, its a little bit of deja vu for Calgary fans. A big, strong running back whose health is deteriorating. I know, its almost too soon but its time to make a back up plan for Jerome Messam. His conditioning has always been a question mark, and now is the best time to plan.

  • Trade WR Joe West to BC for RB Anthony Allen. If there is one thing the Calgary Stampeders have more than anyone, its depth at the WR position. Maybe the Argos hold a candle and obviously the Bombers. But in that Dave Dickenson offense, there are so many moving parts. Tory Harrison is great, don’t get me wrong. But he doesn’t fit the mould of a Calgary RB. Before Cornish, there was Joffrey Reynolds. Same type of back. When Cornish got injured for the first time, who did they go sign? Martel Mallett, the same body type as Jerome Messam. Anthony Allen has that, and he’s the future. I wouldn’t be shocked if Messam goes off and on the IR for the rest of his career.

4. BC Lions

So yes, trade Anthony Allen and add Joe West. I know there are 30 Canadian receivers in the CFL that would sell their souls to have what Shawn Gore has for the Lions. A boundary wide receiver spot AS A CANADIAN?? And what’s he done with it so far? Started off like a house on fire, but has maintained Shawn Gore type numbers ever since (luke warm). If I was Buono, I’d toss Gore to field side, leave Iannuzzi on kick return duties and bring in Joe West. Or….

  • Trade WR Shawn Gore for DE Jamaal Westerman. For no other reason than to be lined up beside his brother, Jabar. And give the Bombers more Canadian depth at receiver.

5. Saskatchewan Rough Riders

Last but not least, the boys in green. Say what you want about Chris Jones and challenge flags, but I said it back in January and I’ll say it again. He knows what he’s doing, he knows what he’s doing and he knows what he’s doing. Although every move hasn’t been the smartest (WR Chambers inflated contract, Kendial Lawrence’s playing time) but he’s building a solid team. So if someone would actually pick up his 180k contract, I would…

  • Trade WR Shamawd Chambers for QB Cody Fajardo. Now that the Argos have paid half a million dollars to acquire Drew Willy, their future star QB won’t be seeing a whole lot of playing time any day soon. As much as I love Darian Durant’s loyalty and his character, his will to win and his desire to fight through injury? You obviously need to plan for the distant and immediate future. And as much as I believe Mitchell Gale can develop into a starter, we thought that about Brett Smith didn’t we? Have we all forgotten about him already? He literally was the only good thing about the 2015 Saskatchewan Rough Riders. Cody Fajardo has what it takes to be the next Zach Collaros, and the Riders should go after him. (The obvious answer is James Franklin, but there’s no chance in you know where that he’s leaving Edmonton and going to the Riders. I guarantee Chris Jones has tried 3 times a week since June to get him).

I really do wish there was more anticipation and lead up towards the CFL trade deadline like there is in every other sports league. But, the argument can be made for the 9 team league, I get that. Trading a team to a rival etc etc. I think it has more to do with low player salaries, and uprooting a family all across Canada in a league where the average career is 3 years.

Next installment will be the East.

But for now, its fun to dream is it not?


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