Fantasy GM Part 2: What Would You Do?

Lets get right down to business (continued from previous entry).

Why would the Toronto Argonauts entertain the idea of a Chambers for Fajardo trade? Because the franchise has lived by one rule and one rule only in the years I’ve been watching our great game:

They want a big name, big money QB to showcase their team. They won’t sit and watch Cody Fajardo develop, much like they didn’t want to keep Trevor Harris or Zach Collaros around. Ricky Ray’s name “sells tickets” from a marketing perspective. Although many would agree that they should have traded him two years ago. And the other important point? Aside from the ever injured, ever under-performing RB/SB Andre Durie. You have your RB/SB Anthony Coombs…..who do the Argos have for a Canadian receiver?


Shamawd Chambers would be a great fit.

So about those boys in double blue…

  1. Toronto Argonauts

Trade WR Vidal Hazelton to Montreal for Brandon Rutley.

Brandon Whitaker is on his last legs (no pun intended) with the Argos this year, lets be honest. I love Brandon Whitaker, and his versatility at that scat back position. He can line up at WR as good as anyone, he’s an outstanding blocking back and he can catch out of the backfield. I’ve said it for 3 years that him and Andrew Harris are the two most well rounded RB’s in the CFL. But this is the best you are ever going to see from him ever again. And who will never get a legitimate shot in Montreal? Rutley. He’s perfectly suited for the Argos run game (much like 2-way) and that trade, if any, needs to happen TOMORROW. Or today. As for Hazelton, he and Duron Carter would have so much fun together would they not? The Als love mouth pieces and players who love themselves, so voila. Match made in heaven.

2. Montreal Alouettes

Yes, the Rutley trade. But what the Alouettes are going to desperately need, is someone to mentor their young QB’s. Word is on the street that they are interested in Darian Durant, which we’ve talked about on podcasts in weeks past. If anywhere, Montreal is likely where he would end up I don’t see him staying in Saskatchewan next year. But, what the Alouettes do have is an embarrassment of riches in their defensive front 7. And as good as Rico Murray is, he just can’t stay healthy. It would be a bold move, but….

Trade SAM LB Chip Cox for QB Jeremiah Masoli

I probably just caused you to burst out in laughter, I know I actually did while writing it. There would be moving parts involved, including S Courtney Stephen. Marc Olivier-Broulliette could shuffle back down to the LB spot, and yes Chip Cox is a machine. But if Durant doesn’t find his way to the Alouettes, Masoli is 100 percent a Jacques Chapdelaine type QB. He loves to air it out, air it out and air it out. Oh, did I mention he loves to air it out? The Ticats then get more stability at SAM for the remaining years of his career, and Jeff Matthews can develop as the backup.

3. Hamilton Tiger Cats

Don’t you love how all of these trades are inter-divisional? Entertaining, right? Like I said in the last entry, these aren’t rumors nor are they about teams helping other teams. Just roster moves that make sense to fill in roster vacancies. So with that being said, the Hamilton Tiger Cats for all intents and purposes should be the class of the CFL right now. Why aren’t they? Their secondary keeps getting lit up. That just changed a bit today with the addition of Johnny Adams, and Chip Cox would be a great fit as mentioned. But where they will need help is at receiver, going forward.That’s two seasons in a row that superstar Luke Tasker has had long term injuries. We all know the history of Chad Owens (1 full season in his career) and Andy Fantuz turns 34 in 2017.

Trade WR Brandon Banks to Winnipeg for SB Ryan Smith.

A similar player to Tasker, and yes Smith has had his fair share of injuries as well. But he’s a physical, not afraid of contact type of receiver that Collaros loves. He likes to throw into dirty areas, and Smith can get that done. Not to mention, recently signed V’Angelo Bentley will be Banks’ understudy and has the ability to take fill in nicely. The Bombers then get another (healthy) explosive returner.

And finally, last but not least…….


What in the world has happened to the Ottawa REDBLACKS? Very applicable that their name is in caps, because many fans have been yelling that phrase all season. The first 3 weeks of the year, they looked like they were going to run away with the CFL in 2016. If not for Jermaine Robinson’s KFC fingers on the last play of the game vs Calgary, they’d be one of the only teams to beat the Stamps. At times they look unstoppable, at other times you wish you could fast forward live TV through their ga……..YAWN…….mes. So, what would you do with this team? Get ready for it, because you’re gonna laugh.

Trade QB Henry Burris to Saskatchewan for QB Brandon Bridge.

Let life come full circle, and he can retire a Rider. Just like it could work out for Kevin Glenn in Winnipeg. Does this solve Ottawa’s woes as a team? Maybe it does. Maybe there is some tension in the dressing room between receivers. Sinopoli is upset because with Burris he’s a superstar but Ellingson wants the ball with Harris BUT WILLIAMS WANTS IT OH NO ERNEST NEEDS A TD HEY CRINER IS NEW TOO (just trying to create a bit of that elementary school playground feel). I could be wrong, but its hard as a QB to go week in and week out waiting for your shot. And we all know this year how much Burris loves the backup role (NO TALKING JUG!) The Riders get a proven winner, someone to develop Fajardo and Henry can retire as a hero.

Don’t lie. It made sense to you, I know it does!

If only, IF ONLY; it got heated up with excitement across the league leading up to October 12, as I got writing this.

If we can’t agree on anything, how about this:

The CFL sure could use some positive publicity these days (accusations of skewed TV numbers, flags, questionable penalties, disciplines and sparse crowds).

A trade deadline frenzy could do just that.


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