Who’s Next, Alouettes?

Could it be Jim Popp?

I know that’s what you thought when you clicked on this link, so my apologies for moderate “click bait.” Sure, maybe in the off season the Montreal franchise gets a complete overhaul. And, we all know that’s what they need.

But before we even get to that, lets cover the fantasy football side of business. Because CFL Fantasy Owners are likely losing their collective minds today with the news of Duron Carter and Kenny Stafford getting the axe.

Maybe you aren’t (cough. If you listen to our weekly podcasts, we told you to “sell high” on Duron a month ago!) I digress.

In most leagues, despite the less than auspicious season for #89, he was still heavily owned and relied upon for big points. He could go an entire game without a target, then block a punt or burn a defender for a 70 yard TD (both have happened in 2016).

So the question on everyone’s minds Monday (we’ve already fielded a myriad of questions about it):

Who’s the next man up in the Alouettes offense?

Well, there are obvious answers and possible scenarios. So why don’t we walk you through all of them?

BJ Cunningham and Nik Lewis

  • Yes, we realize you don’t need to be a weekly columnist, a self proclaimed prognosticator or even a fair weather CFL fan to see this coming. Yes, like we said in our 2016 CFL Fantasy Guide released in June: BJ Cunningham will be a LARGE part of their offense this season. And sure, Nik Lewis is the veteran so that’s the easy answer **sarcastic pat on the back** OBVIOUSLY THESE TWO WILL BENEFIT. But will Nik really benefit? We’ll discuss that on our podcast this week.

Tiquon Underwood

  • Remember him? The only one to drop more balls than Anthony Parker in 2016 was Tiquon Underwood, and it got him the gate from Hamilton. He was scooped up by the Alouettes a few weeks later, and he could be the big dark horse in all of this. You know who else used to put the ball on the carpet a lot? Adarius Bowman. NOOOOO we aren’t saying he is going to explode (keep in mind who their QB is), but he is the most likely candidate to fill in on the boundary wide out spot that Carter left vacated.

Sam Giguere

  • Yes, the day has finally come. And I will probably eat my own arm saying this, but this could be the time for Sam Giguere to break out. Its very unlikely, but Jacques Chapdelaine sees some big potential in the National field side wide out. He’s been getting far more red zone targets in 2016 than he’s ever seen in years past. And honestly, for the time being until the Alouettes figure out who really still wants to play there? Sam Giguere may finish the season very, very well.

Marcus Henry

  • Remember when Henry led the REDBLACKS in receiving? Right? Exactly. The once highly touted import receiver was punted out of Ottawa due to their depth, and has been keeping a sideline sweater cozy in 2016 for Montreal. He’s loaded with talent, but it hasn’t really translated into success. He would be most likely to fill the “Kenny Stafford” role of limited targets, relying on red zone TD’s.

Alex Charette

  • He’s dressed for 6 games this season in Montreal, and likely would fill the Sam Giguere role if Sammy slides over to boundary. He has great hands, good speed and is basically Anthony Parker except he holds on to balls. A versatile National whom the Alouettes are high on.

Last but not least…..

Kyle Graves

  • I didn’t even have him in my original thought process, but he’s backed up Giggy for the 2016 season and he’ll battle Charette for field wide out, or the “island” position as I call it. But, don’t go running to the waiver wire or slam him into a DFS line up thinking you’re the next Ken Jennings. Until the Alouettes realize that Vernon Adams could have got them into the playoffs, they won’t hit the 300 yard marker in passing again in 2016.

All of that really depends on which side of the bed Jim Popp and Jacques Chapdelaine wake up on. Because, right now its likely Marc Olivier-Broulliette could play QB, Alan Michael Cash play RB and Rakeem Cato could punt. I kid, I kid.

One thing we can all agree upon? Changes will be a-plenty in the off season, after years of shenanigans that have left them empty handed (Michael Sam, Chad Ochocinco, Duron Carter x2, the benching of John Bowman, Jim Popp’s “Ross Perot” treatment of coaching etc) the list goes on. I sent this to a friend this morning in text message, and I think its the best way to summarize it:

“The Alouettes don’t deserve that defense.”

Or, maybe after making a mockery of other defenses for the last decade or so (Calvillo) they are finally “getting what they deserve.”

Either way you look at it, the question will continue to be “Who’s next, Alouettes?” for the next 7 months.


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