Did the Bombers Hand Calgary the 2016 Grey Cup?

Have you ever had a plan totally fall apart on you? It sucks, it really does. Nobody likes someone who comes in and messes with your well thought out, well researched and well executed strategy.

I’m sure you’ve done the Myers Briggs personality test by now. If you have, you know which people you tend to bond well with and the ones that clash, I assume.

Well, if you’ve ever worked with a “type A” personality who hates change, the one thing they can’t stand is someone who disrupts and distracts. They want it their way, and they don’t like the added “drama” for lack of a better term.

Well, the opposite could be true, but it’s not. Generally those who disrupt, look for perfect situations to come in and “institute a little chaos” in the words of the late, great Heath Ledger.

I will precursor this blog entry with this: Almost all of the entries that come across on this site are agreed upon as a unit. Dan and I (Dave) talk things out, and come to a reasonable conclusion before making any decision/email/tweet. So this entry, it’s not that we are divided on it but Dan would prefer that I share these thoughts as solely my views.

The 2016 Calgary Stampeders. They are quite the story, are they not? We are well known by now for predicting a bit of a meltdown this season, and the opposite came true. That’s fantasy football, and we are unashamed for putting ourselves out there. The Stampeders rolled through teams with ease, almost at boredom sometimes. Now, I can go on and on for pages about how I still feel there are elements of the Stampeders game that are overlooked due to their success. I could go game by game and break it down, but I’ll stick to one idea.

This version of the Stamps prides itself on order, structure and being in control.

If you look at their QB and the golden child of the CFL, Bo Levi Mitchell; he’s a perfectionist. He hates it when receivers drop balls, and there is nothing wrong with demanding results. Again, this entry isn’t aimed at disproving the Stampeders. We’ve stated in many podcasts over the season that Bo Levi’s fantasy stats always end up middle of the road, week in and week out. He doesn’t blow you away with 400 yard games, 6 TD’s and rush for 100 yards.

In fact, did you know he only rushed for 60, yes SIXTY YARDS this season. That’s less than Bombers FB Christophe Normand, and the seldom used Anthony Woodson of Hamilton. Even Drew Willy, whose “3 step drop tendency” is similar to BLM, had 175. Bo likes to have time in the pocket, get his receivers open and he likes to love himself when he does well.

So, what does a Bo Levi Mitchell hate? Teams like the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

For the sake of argument, we will call them the “drama magnets.” And I say that with all due respect, and more for the flow of this article. The irony is, their locker room is ANYTHING BUT that from what I hear. A very drama free, team atmosphere that relies on unity and the “next man up” attitude.

But on the field? They are drama magnets. Fellow DFS writer Ben Kramer wrote a blog a few weeks back about how their D gives up big yards, and its true. They do, and its no secret they relied on turnovers to win games. Of all teams that have played the Stampeders this season, it was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers that disrupted Calgary football (yes Alouettes fans we hear you, but the foot was WELL off of the gas pedal by then). They force receivers to drop balls because they hear footsteps. They challenge RB’s to second guess their ball security because of forced fumbles. And Winnipeg’s D makes QB’s second guess their reads when they air that ball out; one thing Bo Levi doesn’t do. When Bo wants to make a pass, Bo steps back and makes a pass. He’d even make Chuck Norris jealous.

Of the remaining 3 teams left the Stampeders have to contend with, none of them live by the “institute a little chaos” mindset. Lets have a look:

The Lions cause their own personal chaos, and rely on the big play to claw back (pun intended). They dug themselves a massive hole in WSF vs the Bombers, they did it IN Winnipeg week  16.

The Eskimos have 3 super heroes (Reilly, Bowman, Walker) and are happy to beat you 69-67. Their boundary DB’s have been much scrutinized (Watkins/Young), and are an absolute feeding ground for opposing QB’s. Plain and simple: You shut down Adarius and Derel, you keep Reilly in the pocket,  you’ve beat the Edmonton Eskimos. Sure, John White almost “single-handedly” beat Hamilton last week. But, well, the 7-11 Hamilton Tiger Cats are not the historic Stampeders.

The Ottawa REDBLACKS have the next best chance at beating Calgary, but more often than not shoot themselves with stupid penalties. Aside from sweeping the season series vs Edmonton (week 1 and 7), the nations capital has only beaten sub .500 teams all season. Yes, yes, one convincing win over Winnipeg late in the season. Indeed, of all teams, the 8-9-1 Ottawa REDBLACKS have the best chance at beating Calgary. I mean after all, if not for a Jermaine Robinson dropped pick on the last play of the game in week 3, that 15-2-1 would be a 15-3.

So if you had hopes of the Calgary Stampeders getting knocked off this season, that is likely gone thanks to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Sorry for the info, haters.

How about the good news if you’re a Stampeders fan?

Bo Levi Mitchell, Jerome Messam, Kamar Jorden and Davaris Daniels are poised to put up MASSIVE fantasy points over the next 2 weeks. The Stampeders D should hold off a young QB in Jon Jennings, and are in for an entertaining Edmonton/Ottawa battle. BLM often ends up in the late teens, early 20’s in DFS points (A good week would be late 20, early 30’s). Why? Because the Stamps usually get bored and are playing Call of Duty on the sidelines by late 3rd quarter. Guess what? Its the PLAYOFFS! Games will be tighter, and that means all of those boys will play 60 minutes. Sixty minutes of Bo Levi, Messam and his weapons coming at you? Buckle up.

Put this up on your bulletin boards, your lockers and your fridges BC Lions, Edmonton Eskimos and Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you. My personality test states that I’m more of the optimist that looks for a great story.

Well if you’re a Calgary Stampeders fan, then expect a storybook ending. This playoff run should go according to plans.


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