Podcast – Episode 29 with Keon Raymond

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy welcome Ticats SAM Linebacker Keon Raymond, a future 8-year Calgary Stampeder. The CFL vet breaks down the Stampeders defense vs REDBLACKS offense and weighs in on the future of CFL Fantasy. Listen here:

Podcast – Episode 28 with Jovon Johnson

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy welcome 2016 CFL Fantasy All Star, and Montreal Alouettes DB Jovon Johnson to the show. He breaks down the REDBLACKS secondary vs Calgary offense matchup in a part 1 of 2 for Grey Cup week! Listen here:

Did the Bombers Hand Calgary the 2016 Grey Cup?

Have you ever had a plan totally fall apart on you? It sucks, it really does. Nobody likes someone who comes in and messes with your well thought out, well researched and well executed strategy. I’m sure you’ve done the Myers Briggs personality test by now. If you have, you know which people you tend…

2016 CFL Fantasy All Stars – Defense

If we get enough positive feedback from it, we’d even consider doing the 2016 “biggest disappointment” team. Those guys we all drafted with super high hopes, and they cost us a number of weeks in our “season long format” drafts. But the 2016 All Stars are guys who were consistent week in and week out…

Podcast – Episode 27

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy hand out the 2016 CFL Fantasy All Stars on Defense, and get you set up for the second last Draftkings slate of the season! Listen here:

2016 CFL Fantasy All Stars – Offense

***DISCLAIMER*** These may be totally different than the league nominations. We (okay, mostly Dan) went position by position and highlighted the top WEEKLY DFS and long format performers at their respective spot. Sure, anyone could say “Adarius Bowman, Chris Williams, Derel Walker and Davaris Daniels are the all star team!” But as we’ve done since…

Podcast – Episode 26

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy get you read for the first week of playoffs, and hand out the 2016 CFL Fantasy All Star Awards! Listen here:

Its Bold Prediction Time!

Anyone who has followed me on Twitter for any period of time is well aware of my desire to throw out the bold claim. We’re in the business of fantasy football, which requires the ability to predict and forsee. There’s a time and a place for practicality, sure. But as a sports guy, there’s nothing…

Podcast – Episode 25

Dave Dawson and Dan the Stats Guy discuss a very complex week of week 20 matchups, important DFS info, and a huge announcement of who won the season-long CFL league both hosts are in.